Well Ram did the proverbial 180 and they did it fast.  On 12/5/2016, they were insisting that the vehicle fire was not their fault.  On the morning of 12/6/2016, they’d changed their tune and suddenly a recall was in effect for 2007-2014 Ram 220A alternators.

I picked up my truck today at lunchtime, 35 days after the fire happened.  It took them all of 1.5 hours to fix it yesterday.  I picked up my truck, all of my service records, and information on the brand new recall on my alternator.  If anyone’s interested, the recall number is S38.

So where was the tipping point in Ram’s total denial of responsibility to their announcing a recall?  We’ll probably never know.  But one thing that I do know is that we are dealing with a fundamentally dishonest corporation who cares only about their bottom line, not about their customers safety.  And they’ve proven it by the way they’ve handled this situation.