The lawyer was great, but my options aren’t. He gave me every possible scenario and since Ram has finally cleared the truck to be assessed by the mechanics, we’ll have a diagnosis and an estimate here pretty quick.

It’s the same old scenario- how much money do I want to spend to recoup how much money. What cash amount of demonstrable damages can I prove and can I reasonably sue Ram for? Lost wages? Rental costs? Yes, but my business insurance covers all of those. So we’re left with vehicle costs. And if those aren’t significantly high, then is it worth spending XX to recoup Y. Maybe not.

The lawyer pointed out that this is the insurance company’s responsibility and they should be the ones to sue Ram if Ram isn’t stepping up. I had a good laugh at the sentence, “Ram stepping up”. Then I got control of myself.

I pointed out that the insurance company isn’t willing to cover the cost of the part as it is written in my insurance policy. Ram says the failure of the alternator is not their problem and they will not cover the replacement- although how one could diagnose the cause of a failed alternator from a few photos is anyone’s guess. And ignore the large recall going on for faulty alternators in RAM trucks. Total coincidence.

Geez- caught between two megacorporations. How unbelievably fun. The laywer suggest we sue both companies and let them hash it out. Just think of how delightful it would be to force both of them to have to hire lawyers, trek to Steamboat and deal with our winter roads and courts up here? Annnnnd there just might be a bunch of PO’d friends with rifles waiting for the corporate mouthpieces to arrive. I just might be among them.

The lawyer also suggested bringing a class action lawsuit against Ram but he would not be the attorney to handle such a case. This is a distinct possibility at my end. I’m not looking for some Oprah Winfrey cash payout. But I do want Ram, (Fiat Chrysler Automotives) who are busy building fire/deathtrap trucks and launching them on the unsuspecting public and claiming innocence, to get hit in the pocketbook. Hard. It’s the only bitchslap that these foul businesses understand. We live in a country that gave birth to these megacorps, and their filthy, greasy fingers are in every aspect of our government and they speak one language. Money.

I don’t speak money. I’ve never sued anyone in my life. And this is not about the money, or lack of the money, or who gets what money. Now it’s personal, and if I read on the news next week that a family of four burned to death in their Ram truck, and I did nothing to fight these bastards, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Just call me Courtney Brockovitch.

Clash of the Titans and my business, the ant gets squashed.

By the way, Fox 31 News and I have a hot and heavy phone date tomorrow at 10 AM. And the Vail Daily has agreed to do the story.

Stay tuned………

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