Dr. Diehl is also certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and offers chiropractic services. Learn more


Mountain Equine is excited to announce we now offer in-house CBC and Chemistry! We have also added ProStride APS for treatment of joint and tendon injuries. Learn more about these additions to our lab equipment:
The HemaTrue Veterinary Hematology Analyzer delivers accurate results in only 55 seconds and with only about one drop of blood. This allows Dr. Diehl to offer in-house complete blood count(CBC), which measures several components of your horse’s blood including red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, and more.
The Heska Element DC Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer allows Dr. Diehl to perform several types of blood chemistry panels. These tests can show how well certain organs are functioning and can help diagnose abnormalities.
Mountain Equine has also added the ProStride APS (Autologous Protein Solution) for the treatment of joint and tendon injuries. APS is a centrifuged solution of the horse’s own blood, administered in a super-concentrated, one-time injection. The treatment provides important healing factors immediately to the joint. Because the system is portable and product can be produced quickly, it allows veterinarians to provide it on the farm, in one visit.


Equine dentistry Colorado
Equine dentistry Colorado
Dental exams and dental floats, maintenance and corrective
Dental radiograph
Molar extractions on loose and diseased teeth. Complicated extractions will be referred to a surgical facility.
All dental exams and floats are performed under sedation which is tailored to fit the individual equine.  An assistant is present for all dental work, and will restrain the horse throughout the procedure.

After the patient is sedated, a full mouth speculum is placed and the mouth is opened and rinsed thoroughly.  The horse’s head is placed on a portable headstand and the assistant stands to the side to monitor the head placement, restrain the horse appropriately and monitor the response to sedation.

A magnetized LED light is attached to the speculum, allowing a complete oral examination to be performed.  Any pathology identified during this exam will be discussed with the client and the client is also invited to look into the mouth.

The dental float is then performed using a motorized Flexi-Float, and the mouth is flushed throughout the procedure.  The horse is moved to a safe area to recover from the sedation.


A portable digital radiology unit is available for high quality imaging of:
 Skull and dental
Cervical and thoracic spine

Radiographs are either e-mailed to the client or referral hospital or transferred to a CD or flashdrive for the client.  All images are stored with Courtney S Diehl, DVM for a minimum of three years after the last patient exam or treatment.

A digital ultrasound is also available for reproductive examinations and lower limb imaging.


Courtney Diehl Veterinarian - Emergency Services
Courtney Diehl Veterinarian - Emergency Services
24 hour emergency services are available to active clients in good standing only.


Horse vet mare care Colorado
Reproduction exams
Palpation and ultrasound evaluations to assess heat cycles
Pregnancy exams
Artificial insemination breeding packages


Mare and foal exams
Stallion management


Horse vet Routt County Colorado
Health and wellness exams
Spring and fall vaccinations
Coggins tests and health certificates
Preventative medicine
Risk management
Diet management
Husbandry assessment
Pre-purchase examinations


Courtney Diehl Veterinarian - Lameness Exams
 Gait evaluation and assessment
 Hoof evaluation
 Diagnostic nerve blocks
 Flexion tests
 Laminitis management
 Therapeutic joint injections
 Digital radiology and ultrasound
 Pain management.


Chiropractic Services by Courtney S. Diehl DVM
Dr. Diehl completed a 200 hour course in Spinal Manipulative Therapy at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center with specific focus on horses and dogs.  She is certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).

Back pain can manifest in a number of ways, specifically loss of performance, “cinchiness”, shortened stride, reluctance to pick up or change leads, and general irritability.

Mobile horse vet for Steamboat Springs and the Colorado Rockies

 Comprehensive wellness, emergency, reproduction, diagnostics, and dentistry